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GC Dry Mouth Gel and Biotene

If you have been treated for Sjogren's Syndrome, Cancer, Xerostomia, Diabetes, or Medication Interactions, chances are you have heard of GC Dry Mouth Gel and Biotene. Both of these product lines are recommended for the treatment of dry mouth symptoms to sooth and restore natural balance and hydration. Medical and dental professionals around the globe are making the transition from Biotene to GC Dry Mouth Gel as a simplified, cost effective, and more delicious alternative.


Oral dryness and discomfort has become more common from the introduction of medications, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment and is known to be common among the ill and aging. Few products can provide the relief and refreshment necessary to ensure comfort, a healthy oral pH balance, and effectively counteract oral medical treatment side effects. MI Paste and GC Dry Mouth Gel have proven effective in the treatment of Xerostomia and have been responsible for life changing comfort and healing for afflicted patients.


For years, medical and dental practitioners have prescribed the Biotene oral care system to refresh and revitalize the mouth, teeth, and gums. However, in recent years, the introduction of GC Dry Mouth Gel has challenged longstanding methods of treatment and complicated systems. In one small tube, patients can enjoy hour after hour of comfortable, moisture rich oral care. As an added bonus, GC Dry Mouth Gel has been created in five delicious flavors including Lemon, Orange, Fruit Salad, Raspberry, and Mint!


Join millions of people around the world enjoying the pleasure of relief from dry mouth symptoms. Order GC Dry Mouth Gel online today or call to consult with a courteous customer service representative at 1-888-687-4334.