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How to Use the Assure Platinum Blood Glucose Meter

The Assure Platinum Blood Glucose Monitor is one of the most effective auto-code meters available on the market for home and facility testing. Designed for multi-resident use, the Platinum is a top choice in long term care facilities for diabetes management.


Using the Assure Platinum to test Blood Glucose Levels

  1. Remove a test strip from the bottle and replace the cap immediately.
  2. Insert the new test strip into the top of the meter, contact bars first.
  3. Verify the strip and flashing blood drop indicator are displayed.
  4. Lance the fingertip or alternate site and apply a drop of blood to the strip.
  5. Make sure the blood is applied within 20 seconds of lancing.
  6. The meter will show a ""7"" and count down.
  7. If no ""7"" appears replace the strip and restart procedure.
  8. After 7 seconds the result will show on the screen.
  9. Turn the meter upside-down and press the test strip release button
  10. The meter will automatically power down when the strip is removed.


Using the Assure Platinum to Perform a Control Solution Test

  1. Insert a new test strip as if performing a blood glucose test.
  2. Ensure test strip and flashing blood drop indicator are displayed.
  3. Press the forward or back button to enter control solution mode.
  4. A control solution bottle indicator should be shown.
  5. Mix the control solution and discard the first drop.
  6. Place the second drop of control solution on the clean bottle cap.
  7. Bring the test strip in the meter to the solution.
  8. Check the result against the acceptable ranges on the test strip bottle.
  9. Do not use the system of the results are out of range.
  10. Repeat with new strip and second control solution.


Understanding the Assure Platinum Glucose Monitor Messages

  1. ""PCS"" or a Bell-shaped icon signals the need for a control solution test.
  2. ""LO"" Displays if the result is below 20 mg/dL
  3. ""HI"" Displays if the result is over 600 mg/dL
  4. ""E00"" Displays if the battery has been replaced, reset date and time
  5. ""E01"" Displays if a used strip is inserted or the meter is having trouble with the one that has been inserted.
  6. ""E13"" Displays if not enough blood was added to the test strip.