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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Oxus Reliability Plus Oxygen Concentrator

The new Drive Oxus Reliability Plus Oxygen Concentrator is reputed to be the most durable and dependable portable oxygen concentrator on the market. The recently developed, American-made Oxus Reliability Plus features a user friendly delivery and message system, and is designed to produce highly concentrated oxygen when you need it. Backed by a 3 year manufacturer warranty, the Oxus is posed to revolutionize oxygen therapy and enhance quality of life for respiratory patients worldwide.

The Drive Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator weighs less than 10 lbs and comes complete with a convenient tote that can be carried, mounted, or rolled with the user. An ultra-low vibration compressor produces 87-96% pure oxygen without distractions and discomfort. As an additional enhancement, a replaceable membrane dryer removes up to 80% of the humidity from the air making the oxygen easier to inhale and extending overall device longevity.


Respiratory therapy patients will benefit from all the user-friendly features that the Oxus Reliability Plus Oxygen Concentrator has to offer. A Fixed Bolus delivery system delivers oxygen when needed, rather than at a steady rate, providing additional flow when your body demands it. This coupled with a staggering 3 hours of battery life makes participating in life outside the home more possible than ever before. To top it off, the Oxus POC features an easy-to-read text message display clearly signaling status, alarms, and maintenance.


Oxygen delivery has never been as effective and convenient as with the Oxus Reliability Plus Oxygen Concentrator. An affordable, reliable, and effective design ensures the most value for respiratory therapy patients. Liberate yourself from the confines of the home with a POC that you can count on.