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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Oxygen Concentrators

For those who are reliant on oxygen systems, there are many options to choose from. Many portable oxygen systems are available that are designed to make an active patient's life convenient.

Oxygen Concentrators – Oxygen concentrators are nice alternatives to the traditional tank delivery system. Concentrator systems utilize air in the atmosphere instead of traditional tanks and are capable of being moved around the house easily, as needed. Portable units are available and must be used in order to go outside the home. In addition, concentrators run on electricity or battery and you must have a back-up manner of oxygen delivery in the event of a power-outage

Portable Oxygen Concentrators – Portable oxygen concentrators deliver oxygen in the same manner as a traditional concentrator, but portable units allow the user the freedom to go out and about. Portable units are lightweight, so they are easy to transport with you by hand, or even scooter or walker baskets. All portable oxygen units are run off of a battery pack and must be charged. If you get caught away from your home with a dying battery, most can be charged by an A/C adapter right in your car.

Liquid Oxygen: Portable and Stationary Units – The liquid delivery of oxygen is designed for users who require higher concentrations of oxygen at a time. Stationary units are convenient for in-home use and can be used to fill portable units which are more convenient for the active user. Portable units can be taken anywhere and many portable and stationary units do not require electric charge.

High-Pressure Cylinder Oxygen Tanks – These tanks are what comes to the mind of many people when they think of oxygen systems. The traditional system of oxygen delivery, all cylinder tanks, are transportable. However larger tanks would be best used as stationary units. Coming in several sizes, these portable tanks will generally weigh between 10 – 15 pounds and last around 3-5 hours each. When leaving your home, you may need to bring more than one tank at a time depending on how long you will be out. These oxygen tanks are best transported from place to place in either a tank holder for a wheelchair, or in a cart that can be pushed or pulled with ease.

Concentrator Trans-Filling System – These systems safely allow users to fill up their small tanks by attaching them to a special concentrator. Once this is done, the user is set to go about their day in or out of the house. The concentrator is portable, so if you go on a trip you do not have to worry about running out of filed tanks. This system also reduces the need for tank deliveries and fear of running out of O2 supply.

Oxygen Preserving Devices – There are particular devices that users can purchase to extend the life of their oxygen in certain units. The devices only allow the oxygen stream to run when the user takes a breath. Not made for all models of oxygen delivery systems, these devices are suited for the cylinders or liquid oxygen delivery units.

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