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Top 10 Home Exercises

A healthy diet and exercise routine can have a significant positive effect on health and quality of life. Gym memberships and home fitness equipment may be cost prohibitive for many. We hope that offering a bit of insight into the top 10 home exercises will provide you with an alternative to start on the path to well being today.


Enhance your quality of life with these Top 10 Home Exercises:


1) Walking - whether around the house or the neighborhood, walking is an excellent form of exercise that can improve cardiovascular and pulmonary function while aiding in weight loss and muscle tone.

2) Jumping Jacks - have fun while working muscle groups and the cardiovascular system without having to leave the living room.

3) Push Ups - build arm and chest strength doing one of the most challenging home fitness activities. Various inclines and positioning can be assumed to accommodate all fitness levels.

4) Leg Lifts - strengthen the legs and lower back in one exercise by laying on the floor and keeping the legs straight while raising and lowering your heels.

5) Crunches - preferable to traditional sit-ups, crunches involve raising the upper body and lower body at the same time to create tension in the abdominals for a stronger core.

6) Jogging - a bit more ambitious than walking, jogging or even running in place can raise the heart rate and aid in muscle tone.

7) Squats - raising and lowering the body from a seated position, with or without the aid of a chair, will strengthen the legs and lower back.

8) Weight Lifting - using an actual weight bench or even weighted containers, repeated motions with weight resistance is excellent for strength and muscle tone.

9) Dancing - use all the muscles and systems while enjoying a favorite activity of many individuals that inspires health, joy, and self expression.

10) Step Exercises - using an elevated platform or a set of stairs, step up and down to increase heart rate and muscle tone.


There are a variety of ways to increase activity in the house, but these Top 10 Home Exercises are favorites among many. Browse home exercise and fitness products online today or call for more information at 1-888-687-4334.