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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Top 10 Hospital Bed Accessories

There are many products available that are designed to make hospital beds more comfortable, convenient, and help caregivers take better care of their patients. Here are some of the Top 10 Hospital Bed Accessories that are available to you and your facility:


1. Mattresses – There is a large variety of mattresses available, but not all will work with every model of bed. Make sure to choose a mattress that fits your needs or the patient's needs properly. Mattresses are available in greater length and in bariatric sizes. There are frame extensions available for longer mattresses and special bed frames for bariatric patients in order to accommodate the larger weight capacity.

2. OverBed Table – Overbed tables are a handy accessory for patients in recovery or are bed-ridden. These little tables have wheeled bases that fit underneath a bed, while the neck of the table is able to elevate to where the patient is able to reach it. These convenient little tables offer usable space to play crosswords, write letters, eat, and perform other routine tasks.

3. Headboard and Footboard Covers – Who says hospital beds have to look like, well…hospital beds? Headboard and Footboard covers are decorative pieces that slip onto both the head and the foot of the hospital bed, making it look like standard household furniture. This crafty product can help a patient adjust into a new bed and make them feel more comfortable by surrounding themselves with a familiar, less medical look.

4. Bed Rails – Assist in keeping patients from falling out of the bed and becoming injured. Bed rails can also provide a stable structure for a patient to hold on to as they pivot or change positions while in bed.

5. Protective Padding – Used on bed rails, protective padding is perfect for patients who suffer from restlessness, confusion, or lack of muscle control. For patients with unpredictable conditions, such as the previous mentioned, protective padding is excellent to prohibit entrapment within the bed rails, while still utilizing bed rails for safety. Protective padding also adds a cushion to bed rails for patient comfort.

6. Off-set Trapeze Bars – These bars can either be attached to the head of a bed or used on a lift with the feet slid under the bed and the trapeze bar above. Trapeze bars are convenient for capable patients to pivot or reposition themselves without assistance, and they can also add assistance to patients who need help lifting themselves into a sitting position in order to get out of their bed. Bariatric styles are available.

7. Ceiling Lifts – These unique systems are extremely convenient for transfer of non-ambulatory patients. Ceiling lifts can make tasks like getting to the bathroom, shower or even getting into a wheelchair simple and discomfort free. This system will also bring the patient back from a wheelchair or bathroom and place them safely in their bed, just as they started.

8. Mattress Covers – Mattress covers are fantastic for keeping mattresses protected and clean from accidental spills or incontinence issues. If you are the owner of a specialized mattress, this is a product you will want to invest in as it is cheaper to purchase a mattress cover than a new mattress.

9. Fitted Sheets – Most mattresses in health care facilities are draped with a flat sheet which is tucked under the mattress. If a patient is a restless sleeper, these flat sheets can easily come undone, thus causing discomfort or posing a safety issue. Fitted sheets solve both of these problems. Because of the design, fitted sheets will stay in place and the threat of entanglement is no longer an issue. Patients will also sleep better without having a balled-up bunch of sheet underneath them. Sheets are available to accommodate individual mattress specifications.

10. Bedside Commodes – A bedside commode is a great accessory for patients with ambulatory issues, or are recovering from surgery or another medical ailment. Placed next to the bed, a patient can use hand-rails to assist themselves to the commode, which can be purchased with rails around it for support. This is a convenient piece of equipment, especially for patients who have trouble navigating in the dark.


For more information on hospital beds and these Top 10 Hospital Bed Accessories browse our extensive line of products, or call to speak with a medical supply professional at 1-888-687-4334 today.