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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Wheelchair Cushion Overview

Wheelchair cushions are a great accessory to go along with wheelchairs. While wheelchairs are designed to offer a lower level of comfort, wheelchair cushions can offer extra padding and support that many patients need.


Wheelchair cushions come in many makes to offer customizable support for individual needs. Some patients may require a wheelchair cushion simply for extra comfort, while others may require one to avoid pressure ulcers, or off-set other medical conditions. Some wheelchair cushions and pads are made to cover the entire seating and back area of a wheelchair, enhancing comfort to patients that maybe have total body issues.


Wheelchair cushions are made out of many different kinds of materials. Some varieties include standard foam, memory foam, gel foam, pressure-check foam, and even air. The Roho cushion is a specialty wheelchair cushion, designed with neoprene and air filling bladders. These specialty wheelchair cushions are excellent for patients with poor skin integrity and already existing pressure ulcers in, and around the coccyx.

Wheelchair cushions are relatively easy to clean and take care of. Some may require special treatment, especially if they contain gels or memory foam. Others, including the Roho, should wipe clean. Removable and washable covers are available for most wheelchair cushions. However, depending on the severity of the soiling, an entire cushion may need to be cleaned.


Wheelchair cushions add an extra level of comfort for chair-bound patients. Additionally, they also support skin health and reduce breakdown from pressure. Wheelchair cushions are a must have accessory for any chair user and any caregiver.


Mountainside Medical Equipment is proud to offer a wide array of wheelchair cushions with a large variety in makes and styles. Take advantage of our fantastic pricing and great shipping options by placing an order online, through our website. Orders can also be placed by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our knowledgeable Medical Supply Specialists.