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Tranquility ATN Disposable Overnight Adult Diapers

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SKU 2185

Tranquility ATN Overnight Adult Briefs are the ideal disposable overnight diaper solution for adults. They provide superior protection to keep skin dry and comfortable throughout the night. The top layer of polyester mesh knit fabric quickly absorbs wetness brought forth by accidents or incontinence, while heavy-duty adhesive strips secure the brief in place. A protective inner layer provides durability and increased protection from night-time accidents. An unrivaled soft nonwoven backing offers comfort and tranquility throughout the night, making it an ideal solution for adults with sensitive skin. Tranquility ATN Overnight Adult Briefs are easy to use and dispose, making them perfect for keeping both caregiver and loved one comfortable overnight.

Tranquility ATN, All-Through-the-Night Overnight Disposable Adult Diapers provide maximum absorbency and skin protection. Made with Tranquility's patented "Peach Mat Construction," this disposable adult diaper has refastenable tape tabs, controls odors, neutralizes urine, and inhibits bacterial growth.

For overnight incontinence protection that you can count on, use Tranquility adult briefs. Not only will they absorb more than the average adult diaper for superior overnight protection, but they also keep skin safe and dry by inhibiting bacterial growth and neutralizing urine. This diaper also controls odors and has refastenable side tabs for superior, secure protection, and Tranquility ATN is a latex-free diaper, which makes it safe for use even on your latex sensitive patients.

• Maximum absorbent capacity
• Keeps skin safe and dry
• Patented "Peach Mat Construction"
• Odor control
• Neutralizes urine
• Inhibits bacterial growth
• Refastenable tape tabs

Choose from 3 sizes:

2185 Medium
Size: 32"- 44" Waist or hip
Capacity: 27.5 ounces
12 Count

2186 Large
Size: 45"- 58" Waist or hip
Capacity: 33.0 ounces
12 Count

2187 X-Large
Size: 56"- 64" Waist or hip
Capacity: 34.0 ounces
12 Count

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