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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Ambisome Amphotericin B Liposome 50 mg Per Vial SIngle-Dose Vial 20 mL **Refrigerated (RX)

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Ambisome Amphotericin B Liposome 50 mg Per Vial Single-Dose Vial 20 mL is a prescription medication used to treat certain fungal infections. It contains the active ingredient amphotericin B, which is encapsulated in liposomes (fat molecules) to reduce the risk of side effects. It is administered as a single-dose intravenous injection, with each vial containing 50 mg of the medication in a 20 mL solution. This medication is typically used when other antifungal medications have not been effective or are not tolerated.

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Note : Non-Returnable Item

Directions on how to use  Ambisome Amphotericin B Liposome 50 mg:
1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling the medicine.
2. Prepare the medicine: Ambisome Amphotericin B Liposome comes in a single-dose vial and should be kept in its protective foil pouch until ready to use. Do not open the foil pouch until the medicine is ready to be drawn into a syringe.
3. Clean the vial top: Take an alcohol swab and wipe the rubber stopper of the vial. Let it dry for a few seconds before use.
4. Draw up the medicine: Take a syringe (make sure it is sterile) and remove the needle cover. Insert the needle into the vial top and slowly draw up the prescribed amount of the medicine.
5. Remove air bubbles: Tilt the syringe upwards with the needle pointing upwards and gently flick the syringe to disperse any air bubbles to the top. Push the plunger to expel any air and draw in the appropriate amount of medicine.
6. Attach a new needle: Once the air bubbles have been expelled, replace the needle with a new, sterile one before injecting.
7. Administer the medicine: The medicine can be injected into a vein (intravenously) or under the skin (subcutaneously), depending on your doctor's instructions. Follow the proper technique for the type of injection prescribed.
8. Proper disposal: Dispose of the used syringe and needles in a proper sharps container. Do not reuse them.
9. Store remaining medicine: If there is any medicine remaining in the vial, cover the vial with the protective foil pouch and store it in the refrigerator at 2-8 degrees Celsius (35-46 degrees Fahrenheit). Do not freeze.
10. Wash your hands again: After administering the medicine, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Note: Always follow your doctor's instructions and do not self-administer this medicine without proper training and supervision.

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