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PreviDent 5000 Booster Plus (1.1% Sodium Fluoride) Toothpaste Bottle

by Colgate
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PreviDent 5000 Booster Plus is an effective oral care toothpaste with a high fluoride content that helps increase the tooth's resistance to acids from penetrating the tooth's enamel. Prevident 5000 booster toothpaste liquid gel formula that is utilized for unsurpassed remineralization of your roots. It has a mild cleaning system with low abrasions and will help reduce white spot lesions on your teeth.
Directions: Prevident 5000 Booster Plus Toothpaste
For adults and children 6 years of age and older, apply a thin ribbon of Prevident 5000 Booster Plus toothpaste on a toothbrush. Brush your teeth thoroughly once daily for a minimum of 2 minutes, ideally at bedtime, in place or regular toothpaste. For best results, do not eat or drink or rinse for 30 minutes after brushing. Pediatric patients ages 6 to 16, expectorate after use and rinse mouth thoroughly.
  • Active ingredient: Sodium Fluoride 1.1%
  • Spearmint and Fruitastic flavors
  • 3.4 oz containers
  • Better remineralization after 10 days
  • Helps reverse white spot lesions
  • It’s Colgate’s most advanced formula
Best Uses:
  • Sensitivity
  • Prevent enamel loss
  • Reduces white spot lesions
  • Works great for people with crown or bridge work
  • Ideal for patients with high caries risk
Instructions for use:
Use once per day in place of your regular toothpaste.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Nancy B. (Troy, Michigan, United States)

PreviDent 5000 Booster Plus (1.1% Sodium Fluoride) Toothpaste Bottle

Brandon S.

It's exactly what it says it. I'll be using this Mountainside Medical for all future purchases

Robert H. (Moultonborough, New Hampshire, United States)

I've been using Prevident for over 5 years. Since we have an artisian well, there is no fluoride. It works for me. No cavities for 5 years.

Babs S. (Los Angeles, California, United States)
This Toothpaste is totally worth it

I used to have cavities all the time and the dentist told me that my enamel was too thin and did not protect my teeth. I started using PreviDent many years ago and my enamel is much stronger, which my dentist visits prove. No more cavities, well, almost none, and I will keep using this toothpaste!

joe m. (Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, United States)

everything was good,,,,,the shipping was very fast,,,i got the items i ordered in just a couple of days,,,thanks again,,,Joe

Mary (Melbourne, Florida, United States)

Great service. Efficient shipping.
Excellent toothpaste for keeping teeth to par.

Deborah Y. (Nashville, Tennessee, United States)

I have sensitive teeth. The sensitivity is only relieved by Colgate PreviDent 5000 Booster Plus Toothpaste. I also prefer the "spearmint" flavor. I'm happy to be able to purchase this product online.

Randolph S. (Hillsboro, Oregon, United States)
Cavity Prevention

I have used PreviDent 5000 for a number of years and it has helped reduce the number of cavities that I get to almost none. Very happy with the product.

John R. (Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States)
Prevident- Purchase & Delivery- all OK!

All OK- as advertised, with timely delivery too.

Fred H. (Hammond, Louisiana, United States)
Thanks for being there!

Our local pharmacies have stopped carrying the 4 oz bottles, and are instead selling the 1.8 oz tubes for about the same price. Also, they never seem to have the mint flavor, and substitute "bubble gum", which we do not like!
Thanks for the prompt service and quick delivery.