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Deferoxamine Mesylate Injection 2 gram Vials, 4/Box by Pfizer Injectables (RX)

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Deferoxamine Mesylate Injection is a medication used to treat iron overload in the body, a condition where there is an excessive amount of iron stored in the body's tissues. This can occur in individuals with certain types of anemia, or in patients who receive frequent blood transfusions.

Deferoxamine Mesylate works by binding to the excess iron in the body and helping to eliminate it through urine. It is usually given as an injection into a vein or under the skin, and is available in 2 gram vials containing the active ingredient, Deferoxamine Mesylate.

This product is manufactured by Pfizer Injectables and is available in a box containing 4 vials. It is important to follow your healthcare provider's instructions when using this medication and to store it properly according to the package instructions.

How does it work?

Deferoxamine mesylate injection works by binding to and removing excess iron from the body. Iron is essential for many important bodily functions, such as oxygen transport and production of red blood cells. However, too much iron in the body can be toxic and can cause damage to organs such as the liver, heart, and pancreas.

Deferoxamine mesylate is a chelating agent, which means it forms a strong chemical bond with iron to create a stable complex. This complex is then excreted from the body through urine or feces, effectively removing the excess iron.

In conditions such as thalassemia, where the body produces too many red blood cells, or in patients who receive frequent blood transfusions, excess iron can build up in the body. This excess iron can be harmful, leading to complications such as organ damage and infections. Deferoxamine mesylate helps to prevent these complications by removing the excess iron from the body.

The injection is given directly into the bloodstream, where it binds to free iron circulating in the blood. It can also bind to iron that has accumulated in tissues, such as the liver. Once iron is chelated by deferoxamine, it can no longer cause harm to the body and can be safely eliminated.

In addition to removing excess iron, deferoxamine mesylate may also have antioxidant properties, helping to protect cells from oxidative damage caused by excess iron.

Overall, deferoxamine mesylate injection works by safely and effectively removing excess iron from the body, helping to prevent complications and improve overall health.

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