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Sensi-Wrap Self Adherent Stretchable Bandage by Dynarex, Tan Color

by Dynarex
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Coban Self Adherent Wrap is a medical technology used by both medical professionals and at-home first responders. It is a versatile, elastic wrap which replaces adhesive bandages and research suggests may provide superior treatment compared to other products. Coban Self Adherent Wrap is designed to be gentle on skin, lightweight, breathable and simple to use with wrap-and-stick convenience. Moreover, it provides strong protection against infection with a multidirectional stretch that makes it Ideal for compression and support for sprains, strains and swelling. Coban Self Adherent Wrap is available in nonsterile and sterile options, making it a highly effective and popular choice for medical adhesive wraps at home and in the professional health care setting. Coban Self Adherent Wrap provides consistent performance and remains releasable right up to the edge for comfortable and customizable fit that exceeds expectations.

Benefits for Dynarex Self Adherent Sensi-Wrap Bandages

  • Lightweight and breathable material allows skin to breathe and heal naturally
  • Soft but secure compression wrap keeps sterile bandages in place
  • Multi-purposes bandages; used to secure gauze, cover wounds, hold dressings and secure IV tubing
  • Comfortable and conforming to the body, reducing risk of allergic reactions
  • Versatile and conformable; can be applied with minimum bulk
  • Allows full vision of the wound being treated
  • Water-resistant properties prevent leakage and drying-out of wound sites
  • Cohesive property helps to keep the bandage from unraveling and provide a stable wrap
  • Pink material provides visual reminder that patient should be assessed for changes in wound status
  • Latex-free, making it appropriate for even the most sensitive skin

Instructions on How to Apply Coban Self Adherent Wrap
1. Clean and/or disinfect the area that will be receiving the Coban Self Adherent Wrap.
2. Carefully cut the roll of coban wrap to desired length.
3. Separate the edges of the wrap to create 2 strands.
4. Lay the wrap across the area you are trying to secure in a circular fashion.
5. Gently press the wrap onto the surface to make sure there is good adhesion.
6. Secure the wrap at the corner using overlapping turns.
7. To achieve the desired pressure of the compression wrap, continue overlapping turns around the area several times.
8. Once all turns around the area have been made, secure the wrap at the “tail” or end with a knot or tapestry wrap.
9. Finally, double check for an even compression over the secured site.


  • Lightweight compression bandage
  • Adheres to itself, not skin
  • Easy to tear without scissors
  • Skin-tone tan color  
  • Individually poly bagged
  • Available in 4 popular sizes (2, 3, 4 and 6")

Dynarex Self Adherent Sensi-Wrap Bandages, stay on securely without sticking to your skin, and without the use of tapes and other bandage closures. Available in tan, these easy to use wraps offer a secure and comfortable fit that will conform to your body shape for comfortable, effective compression therapy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Melissa A. (Greenacres City, Florida, United States)
The best way to order supplies

The website makes it so easy great quality products shipped directly to us could not ask for an easier way

Lynne (Easthampton, Massachusetts, United States)
Great wrap

I use it over my brace. It holds the straps closed rather than flapping around.

Sal M. (Charlotte, North Carolina, United States)

Works great!!

DAVID H. (Miami, Florida, United States)

Self-Adhesive Stretchable Wrap Bandage, Tan

Bonnie H.
Stretch bandages

I used these to wrap my ducks feet that have bumble foot. I was surprised that they stayed on without any additional adhesive/closure. Even though they sometimes got wet, they didn’t come off

Kate C. (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States)
In case of Emergency

Purchased to put into our Emergency kits. Like these because they self-stick so no worry about having to use tape or clips. Packaged very well and is exactly what I ordered. Mountainside Medical is my go-to website for medical supplies.

Michael K. (Perrysburg, Ohio, United States)

Great product

George W. (San Antonio, Texas, United States)

Great product and came as advertised. Easy transaction and delivery to the door!

Brad E. (Kannapolis, North Carolina, United States)

Good product, happy to do business with

Daniel C. (Leesburg, Georgia, United States)
Product Excellent-Service Not So Much

I have to keep my legs wrapped 24/7. I have used this product for quite some time, and it is the best I have found. I will continue to use it. As for the service from Mountainside Medical. Although I have ordered from them several times in the past, I have never had an issue, until now. I ordered these wraps the middle of February. The middle of March, I called because I had checked online and found no record of my order. When I got a representative on the phone, I was told the delay was due to the coronavirus outbreak. I didn't bother telling her that I had checked and learned there was no record of my order, because I didn't want to be lied to twice. Would I recommend the product. You bet I would. Would I recommend Mountainside Medical? Only if you want to take a chance, and probably be lied to if you have to call and check on the order. I know I will never use them again. I don't take to kind to being lied to.