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Dynarex Foley Catheter Two-Way Silicone Coated, Sterile

by Dynarex
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Foley catheters are commonly used to drain urine from the bladder. They are especially useful when a patient is unable to perform voluntary urination, such as during a medical procedure or after surgery. A Foley catheter is flexible, easy to insert, and is designed to stay in place. The catheter's balloon component helps keep it from slipping out and tightly seals its connection to the bladder. Foley catheters provide patients and caregivers peace of mind and help reduce the risk of infection.
Dynarex Foley Catheters are a sterile and designed for gentle patient care. Made for quality, cost-effective care, these Dynarex catheters feature a smooth, silicone coating which helps the catheter insert smoothly and easily.

Foley Catheters are commonly used in the medical field as a means to drain and collect urine from the bladder. Generally, a Foley Catheter is inserted into the bladder with a tube that is attached to a drainage bag that is hung beneath the patient. The Foley Catheter helps to prevent urinary tract infections and keep the bladder functioning normally. Insertion of the Foley Catheter requires expertise and may cause discomfort in some patients. While the Foley Catheter can cause some discomfort, its effectiveness and ease of insertion make it a popular choice for long-term bladder care. Other uses of a Foley Catheter include aiding in the administration of certain medications and allowing for the detection of abnormalities in the bladder, such as stones, polyps, and tumors. As with any medical procedure, Foley Catheter use should only be conducted by a trained professional.


  • Two-way catheter that has a side flushing port for cleaning
  • Sterile catheter to prevent risk of infection
  • Silicone coated exterior for easy insertion
  • Does contains some latex
  • Sizes available from 14 to 24 French (circumference)
  • Inflation balloon sizes: 5cc for males or 30cc for female

Customer Reviews

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John F.
Foley Catheter Two-Way, Sterile, Silicone Coated, Flexible?

These are amazingly wonderful and highly recommended.Great quality Thanks again Mountainside Medical.

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