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Helena ColoCare Stool Blood Tests

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Helena ColoCare Fecal Occult Blood testing kits are a throw-in-the-toilet bowl, biodegradable paper test used to after a bowel movement to determine if there is any hidden occult bleeding caused by gastrointestinal diseases. The kit contains three different tests that should be used in three consecutive bowel movements for optimal results. If there is any color change on the test the results are filled out and mailed back to the physician for further evaluation.

The ColoCare office pack fecal tests allow the physician to give the tests to the patient and allow them to test in the privacy of there home and increase patient compliance.


50 Colocare Patient Kits

Each kit consists of 3 Colocare Pads, 1 package insert, 1 reply card, 1 mailing envelope and directions.

Helena Laboratories product number is 5651.

For In-Vitro disgnoctic use.

Made in the USA.

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