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LarrySeal Cuff Inflator For Laryngeal Airway Mask

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The LarrySeal cuff inflator is designed to work specifically with the Laryngeal Airway Mask. The cuff inflator is made of tough durable plastic and is easy to operate. The cuff inflator quickly inflates the cuff on the Laryngeal Airway Mask, which helps to ensure a tight seal between the mask and the patient's airway. This helps to prevent air leakage and provides a more comfortable and effective seal for the patient.

The LarrySeal Cuff Inflator For Laryngeal Airway Mask is an innovative piece of medical device technology that reduces the risk of complications involving airway obstruction. The LarrySeal Cuff Inflator inflates the cuff on a Laryngeal Airway Mask to offer proper airway stability and patient comfort, which allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatment by medical professionals. The LarrySeal Cuff Inflator also ensures proper airway positioning and correct inflation time for appropriate therapeutic results. The LarrySeal Cuff Inflator also reduces waste and allow for careful storage and transport. The LarrySeal Cuff Inflator also features a patented accumulated total inflation time and inflation flapper safety system, combined with FDA, UL, and CE regulatory approvals, to ensure the cleanest, safest, and most effective care and treatment.

Instructions on How to Use LarrySeal Cuff Inflator For Laryngeal Airway Mask
1.  Place the laryngeal airway mask over the patient’s nose and mouth.
2. Connect the LarrySeal cuff inflator to the laryngeal airway mask endotracheal tube connector.
3. Turn on the LarrySeal cuff inflator.
4. Adjust the pressure setting on the cuff inflator to the desired inflation value.
5. Place the pressure relief switch into the Auto Mode.
6. Select the start inflation button on the cuff inflator.
7. Monitor the pressure setting display until it reaches the desired inflation value.
8. When the desired inflation pressure is achieved, turn off the LarrySeal cuff inflator.
9. Listen for leaks from the laryngeal airway mask by evacuating until you hear the escaping gas.
10. If any leak is present, re-inflate the cuff and check the seal.
11. Once the leak is corrected, disconnect the LarrySeal cuff inflator from the laryngeal mask.

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