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MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device without Syringe

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MAD300 Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device is the safe and painless way to deliver medication with rapid absorption across mucosal membranes to your patient’s blood stream without IV Set-up time. No shot. No needle. No risk of needle stick injury.

Nasal Atomization Spray Device vs. IV Administration Medication Delivery:

  • Saves time by eliminating time-consuming IV set-ups and sterilization procedures
  • There are no shots, no needles, and no need to puncture patient’s skin
  • Doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort for the patients
  • Its quicker, easier, and friendlier to administer
  • Safer – no needles means no risks for unintentional needle sticks
  • Its very cost-efficient and fast-acting

When faced with a daunting variety of tasks, you shouldn’t have to worry about needle stick injuries. The LMA® MAD Nasal ™ Device can come to the rescue delivering safe, painless, and rapidly-effective treatment with minimal resource utilization.

Nasal atomizer MAD300 Intranasal Mucosal Atomization (syringe nasal adapter tip) device has a luer-lock tip that can connect with any pre-filled or regular syringe. The Teleflex MAD300 nasal atomizer is designed for use with any type of drugs that have been approved for intranasal delivery, this easy-to-use device delivers a fine mist of atomized medications, which are quickly absorbed into the blood stream and sent to the brain and cerebrospinal fluid via the mucosa to nose-brain pathway.

  • Atomized nasal medications absorb across mucosal membranes to the blood stream, avoiding first-pass metabolism
  • Atomized nasal medications offer rapid absorptionacross mucosal membranes to the blood stream into the brain and cerebrospinal fluid via olfactory mucosa to nose-brain pathway

  • Approaches medication levels comparable to injections


  • A viable alternative to intravenously administering medications
  • Delivers a fine mist of atomized medications
  • Doesn’t use any needles
  • Quick, easy, and painless
  • For use with drugs approved for intranasal delivery
  • 30-100 micron particle size
  • 0.07 mL system dead space
  • 0.17 inches (4.3 mm) tip diameter
  • 1.65 inches (4.2 cm) applicator length


  • Medication administration via the MAD Nasal devices has been proven effective, with extensive literature to back up this claim
  • Helps avoid causing the pain and bleeding that tend to occur with nasal and oral instrumentation, as well as nasogastric tube placement procedures
  • Provides a means of quickly and easily controlling medication delivery with precise dosing and precise volumes, every time its used
  • Creates an fine mist, no matter what position the device is held in
  • No needles means there isn’t any risks for accidental needle sticks
  • Helps save staff and caregiver time by eliminating the need for time-consuming sterilization and IV prep procedures

Choose a quick, safe, and effective method for administering medications that is painless and causes less distress for patients and young children who are afraid of needles by using the MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device. Purchase today for a great low price by placing an order online, using our easy-to-use website. Orders can also be placed by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our knowledgeable Medical Supply Specialists.

Buy MAD300 intranasal mucosal atomization nasal atomizer tips online from a SDVOSB Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business medical company today.

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MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device without Syringe


MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device without Syringe


MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device without Syringe

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