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Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressing

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Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressing is a soft silicone featuring Safetac technology. Mepilex is non-adherent to moist wound beds, yet it adheres gently to dry skin. Mepilex absorbs exudate effectively and can be used under compression bandages.



  1. Flexible and absorbent soft silicone
  2. Vapor permeable polyurethane film backing
  3. No damage to vital tissues
  4. Increased patient comfort
  5. Pain-free dressing change
  6. No adhesive residue
  7. Ease of handling
  8. 5 dressing per box



 Designed for a wide range of exuding wounds, painful wounds, and wounds with compromised or fragile surrounding skin, including pressure ulcers and lower-extremity ulcers, such as venous and diabetic ulcers.


Applying a Mepilex Absorbent Foam Dressing:

  1. Clean the wound area. Make sure the surrounding skin is dry.
  2. Select an appropriate dressing size.
  3. For best results Mepilex should overlap the surrounding skin by at least 3/4" (2 cm).
  4. If necessary, cut the dressing to fit.



  1. Leave Mepilex in place for several days depending on the condition of the wound and the surrounding skin, or according to facility policy.


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