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Gebauer's Pain Ease Aerosol Mist Spray 118 mL

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Gebauer's Pain Ease® instant topical anesthetic skin refrigerant (vapocoolant) is FDA cleared to temporarily control the pain associated with needle procedures and minor surgical procedures such as immunizations, allergy injections, foreign body removal, suturing and suture removal, IV starts and blood draws. Pain Ease can be used prior to, or in some cases in place of, lidocaine injections

Gebauer's Pain Ease Aerosol Mist Spray Instant Anesthetic is used before injections to numbing the skin. Aerosol spray that penetrates the skin within seconds. This spray controls pain associated with injections (venipuncture, IV starts, cosmetic procedures), minor surgical procedures (such as lancing boils, incisions, drainage of small abscesses and sutures) and the temporary relief of minor sports injuries (sprains, bruising, cuts and abrasions). 

This item can not be shipped FEDEX expedited because of the pressurized contents.  If that is chosen we will ship the order the next fastest way and refund the extra shipping charges. 

Benefits for Gebauer's Pain Ease Spray

  • Provides fast relief from minor aches and pains.
  • Easy to use aerosol applicator ensures clean and direct application.
  • Non-greasy formula allows easy absorption into the skin.
  • Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to help reduce swelling and soreness.
  • Protects against further injury with a protective barrier.
  • Natural ingredients such as menthol and wintergreen provide soothing relief.
  • Convenient size perfect for travel, the office, or anywhere you go.
  • Doctor-recommended spray is suitable for all ages and lifestyles.
  • Cost-effective pricing and multiple size options for extended relief.
  • Gentle enough for daily use with no known side effects.

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