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Skin Prep Barrier Protective Spray by Smith & Nephew 4 oz

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Smith & Nephew 420200 Skin Prep Protective Spray is a medical skin protectant used to create a barrier on the skin to help protect it from irritation, adhesive trauma, and incontinence-associated dermatitis. It is commonly used before applying medical devices, such as dressings, tapes, and ostomy pouches, to help them adhere better and protect the skin from potential damage. This spray can also be used to help prevent skin breakdown and aid in the healing of minor skin irritations.

Smith & Nephew 420200 Skin Prep Protective Spray is designed to create a protective barrier on the skin to prevent irritation and infection from medical adhesive products, such as bandages and tapes. The spray contains a blend of ingredients, including polyethylene glycol and alcohol, that help to form a film on the skin when sprayed on. This film protects the skin from moisture, adhesives, and friction, while still allowing the skin to breathe and heal.


Benefits for Smith & Nephew 420200 Skin Prep Protective Spray:

1. Enhanced Wound Healing: The company's patented formulation of Smith & Nephew 420200 Skin Prep Protective Spray contains ingredients that help promote wound healing by protecting the skin from further damage and infections.

2. Easy to Apply: This spray is very easy to apply, making it convenient for medical professionals to quickly prep patients for procedures, dressings, or other treatments.

3. Protects Skin: The protective barrier created by the spray can safeguard the skin from any moisture or irritants.

4. Reduces Risk of Infection: By forming a protective barrier over the skin, the spray can help prevent infections, which can speed up the healing process.

5. Saves Time: The fast-drying formula of the spray saves time as it can be applied quickly, hence reducing the prep time for procedures.

6. Long-Lasting Effect: The spray provides a long-lasting protective layer that can stay on the skin for hours, minimizing repeat applications.

7. Cost-Effective: As compared to other topical skin prep products, this spray is more cost-effective due to its longer-lasting efficacy and quick application time.

8. Non-Staining: The spray formula is designed not to stain clothes or any other garments, making it more convenient for both medical professionals and patients.

9. Suitable for Sensitive Skin: The spray is gentle on the skin and does not cause any irritation or discomfort, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

10. Versatile Use: The spray can be used for a variety of medical procedures, including wound care, catheterization, and as a protective barrier for skin folds and ostomy sites. 

Active ingredients: Disiloxane / Hexamethyl

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