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Suction Tubing, Clear 1/4 Inch I.D. 10 Foot Length, Sterile

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SSuction tubing is a clear, flexible tubing used in medical settings for suctioning fluids and secretions from a patient's body. It is typically made of a non-toxic, fluid-resistant material such as PVC or polyurethane. The "I.D." stands for inner diameter, which in this case is 1/4 inch, and the "10 foot length" refers to the length of the tubing. "Sterile" indicates that the tubing has been treated and packaged to be free of bacteria and other microorganisms, reducing the risk of infection when used on a patient.


Other components used with suction tubing:

1. Suction Canister: This is a container used to collect the fluids or substances removed by the suction tubing.

2. Collection Jars: These are small containers used to collect a specific amount of fluid, such as urine or blood.

3. Suction Machine: This is the main device that creates the suction force used in the tubing.

4. Suction Tips: These are sterile or non-sterile suction tools used for specific medical procedures, such as removing secretions from the throat or nose.

5. Yankauer Suction Tip: This is a rigid plastic device used to remove fluids from a surgical site or to suction the mouth and throat.

6. Filter: This is a disposable device used to prevent any fluids or debris from entering the suction machine.

7. Tubing Connectors: These are used to connect the suction tubing to the suction machine, canister, or other components.

8. Suction Catheter: This is a flexible tube used to remove fluid or other substances from the bladder, stomach, or other areas of the body.

9. Disposable Bags: These are used to dispose of the waste collected by the suction tubing.

10. Vacuum Regulator: This is a device used to adjust the suction pressure generated by the suction machine. 


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