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Drug Overdose Kills More People than Guns

Drug Overdose Kills More People than Guns

Drug Overdose Kills More People than Guns In a recent report by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), overdose deaths rose 11 percent last year, to 52,404. The total number of car crashes was 37,757, and the total number of gun deaths totaled 36,252. Here is the scary part, from 2014 to 2015, deaths from heroin rose a staggering 23 percent and synthetic opioid deaths rose 73 percent.

Even though Naloxone (Narcan) reverses the effects from an opioid overdose, work needs to be done to fight back against opioid use. Primary care physicians believe prescription narcotics are of great concern to their patients, and the users who become over-reliant on the pills are more prone to addiction. Since heroin is less expensive than prescription pills, users turn to the drug to suppress their pain and become heavily involved in the lifestyle that heroin leads you to.

Reducing the number of prescriptions and implementing activities like daily exercise, physical therapy, massages, and acupuncture, can help combat the pain involved with arthritis, joint pain, and more debilitating injuries. Mountainside Medical Equipment helps save lives by reverse opioid overdoses with Naloxone (Narcan), but the less heroin and prescription drugs used, the more lives we are organically saving.    

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