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IV Administration Set 10 Drop 72" Long

by Amsino
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Sterile, non-pyrogenic iv set with a latex free injection site and rotary luer lock adapter. 10 drop (ml) with 72" (183 cm) long tubing. DEHP free. Single-use. Amsino IV Administration Set used for administering intravenous solutions. The Amsino IV set is an sterile, non-pyrogenic, latex free set that has an 10 drops/ml with a luer lock tip adaptor.Non-vented Spike with Drip Chamber, 10 drops per mL, Roller Clamp, Latex-Free Injection Site, Rotating Male Luer Lock, Poly Pouch.


  • - Non-pyrogenic
  • - Single-use
  • - 72" (183 cm) Long
  • - Approximately 10 Drops/mL
  • - Latex Free injection site
  • - Rotary Luer Lock Adapter
  • - All components are DEHP and Latex Free

IV sets are used to administer liquid substances directly into the vein for IV therapy. IV administration sets (also known as IV tubing) are connected to a drip chamber. Drip chambers are commonly come in 10, 15 and 60 drops. The drip chamber supplies the liquid substance into the tubing line without allowing air to enter the blood stream. This dripping technique allows the caregiver to estimate the drop flow rate. There are two different types of IV administration sets; the first is gravity IV sets. Gravity IVsets are when the end of the IV tubing is poked into the IV bag directly and placed high above the patient body usually placed on a IV pole, allowing the substance to flow downward. The second is IV Pump Sets. IV Pump Sets are connected to an electronic IV pump that controls and regulates the amount of substance that reaches the patient. IV pumps have many added benefits then the traditional gravity IV administration sets. The IV pumps ( IV infusion systems) have many added benefits like software that records the patient’s name and medication strength and how much medication has been administered, which then can be printed for the doctor to review. Intravenous therapy (IV administration) on a patient should only be done by a trained nurse or doctor that has experience with this technique.

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Customer Reviews

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Brandy M.L.L.N. (Arlington, Texas, United States)
IV Administration Set

These are great quality and perfect for our IV infusions in our clinic.

Kelly X. (Concord, North Carolina, United States)

IV Administration Set 10 Drop 72" Long

Calvin S. (Los Angeles, California, United States)
Fantastic Vendor of Medical Supplies

Exactly what I needed at a great price.

Jenna S. (Dallas, Texas, United States)
These work great & are affordable!

I use them for the Baxter IV's on my elderly cat to help with detox :)! The drip is fast...which is good as there is only so long a cat will sit still. I bribe him with treats LOL!

Jb (Denver, Colorado, United States)
Great for my needs

Just what I need for my routine IV hydration when I don’t need a specific rate. Arrived quickly. And well priced

Dan M. (Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, United States)

Just what we have been looking for, for 3 years !! Could only find in 104 length up until now. Fast shipping !!

Barbara T. (Tampa, Florida, United States)

Good product. Exceptional and fast service. Very pleased.

Jacqueline M. (West Covina, California, United States)


Tim S. (Washington, Pennsylvania, United States)
Mountainside Is Very Convenient

They are very fast with their delivering. They get the orders out fast

Douglas D. (Puyallup, Washington, United States)
Fast shipping

Got what we needed quick