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Getting to Know Us Tuesdays - Meet Martin Zarnock Jr!

Getting to Know Us Tuesdays - Meet Martin Zarnock Jr!

In our last "Getting to Know Us" blog post, we gave a brief overview of Mountainside Medical Equipment - who we are, what the company strives to do, and how it all began. 

Today, we will introduce you to one of the incredible founders of our company: Martin Zarnock Jr.

Marty Jr., the President and Head of the Sales Department, has been with Mountainside Medical Equipment for 16 years. He began working with his father, Martin Zarnock Sr. immediately after his high school graduation. Sharing the same passion for helping others, Marty Jr. and Marty Sr. began their own business - directly operating out of Marty Jr.'s two family apartment.

Using his garage as a mini warehouse, a spare bedroom as an office, and his car for deliveries, he and his father worked tirelessly to build the company that Mountainside Medical is today. 

Driven, motivated, and personable, Marty Jr., focuses his energy on making the work environment pleasant, yet effectively getting orders filled, and answering any and all questions, wants or needs. 

When asked what is it that makes Mountainside Medical Equipment stand out above other companies, Marty Jr. replied: "I would like to think that we, as a whole are most innovative. We aggressively pursue goals and are able to achieve them." 

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