How to Clean Up Hazardous Spills Safely

Posted on April 11 2017

Whether a person works in a lab, a school, public transportation, hospital, nursing home, or even drives a cab, potentially hazardous bodily fluid and/or chemical spill situations can occur spontaneously and leave little reaction time.

With the start of back-to-school season, comes the start of fall sickness season (thanks kiddos). For teachers and administrators, particularly of elementary school children, the “sick kids season” usually results in a few cases of vomit on the floor. This is an unpleasant fact for those who run schools and those who attend them; however, clean up can be simple, easy, and safe.

Public transportation carries large numbers of people throughout the day to work, shopping, and appointments. With the constant swinging door of passengers, there is likely to be a sick one in the crowd somewhere. Some small children also have motion sickness and others could be affected by the smell of someone else’s perfume or cologne. Passengers are often susceptible to becoming ill, and clean-ups may be necessary on a city bus just as they would a school bus.

Chemical spills can happen in lots of places - even where you’d least expect it. Many think of professional laboratories as the most prone to dangerous chemical spills. However, many of the chemicals used in professional labs are also used in educational laboratories, inside schools and colleges. There are even professional cleaning chemicals that when spilled can be caustic and dangerous.

Luckily, there are products on the market that are specifically made to help keep you and others safe when cleaning up a bodily fluid or chemical spills. Some of these products are available for individual purchase, like Red-Z Fluid Solidifer and Green-Z Fluid Solidifer by Safetec, and others are conveniently packaged in all-inclusive spill kits. Some kits are packaged in durable, hard cases that are portable and store easily for use in cabs, buses, ambulances, etc. These hard case spill kits are also excellent to keep in facilities, schools, and businesses, or even in the home.

Some kits are specifically designed for the treatment of a particular bodily fluid or chemical, including Formaldehyde Clean Up Kits, Glutaraldehyde Clean Up Kits, Chemotherapy Drug Spill Kits. Other biohazard clean up spill kits are more general or serve a variety of purposes, such as the Blood and Body Fluid Clean Up Kit, and the Multi-Purpose Spill Kit.

No matter where you work or play, there is always the potential for a hazardous spill. Be prepared and keep yourself safe when handling potentially hazardous spills. Invest in a kit for your place of work, your car, or at home. After all, when dealing with hazardous chemicals or bio-fluid, you can never be too safe.