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Family Activities to Participate in During Winter

Family Activities to Participate in During Winter

Winter can be a difficult season to enjoy. The snow, cold, and often dismal grey skies don't make going outside seem very pleasant - unless you are a total winter weather buff and participate in all or some winter sports! However, if you find yourself dreading the upcoming season, fear not! There are plenty of enjoyable and fun winter activities that are perfect for the whole family to participate in to beat those winter blues!

Top Essential Winter Activities For the Whole Family

1. Build a Snowman

Building a snowman is a fun and favorite family pastime. It's basically a right of passage to do it together! Want to spice it up a bit? Have a snowman challenge with your family or neighbors. Give out prizes for the most creative and best looking snowman around!

2. Go Sledding

Grab some friends and find the best hill around and go sledding or tobogganing! Make a party of it! Have a race! See who can make it down the hill faster. And, don't forget to bring the hot chocolate to warm you all up later!

3. Have a Movie Marathon

Pop some popcorn, curl up with some hot chocolate and your loved ones, and have a nostalgia movie marathon! Watch some classics that will warm your heart, some warm and cozy Christmas movies that will bring you all cheer, or have everyone choose their favorite moves and have an all day marathon!

4. Visit a Light Show

Many people put on a brilliant display of lights and decorations for the holidays. There's the Wonderland of Lights, Lights on the Lake, and so much more! Take a family drive around town and see them!  

5. Go Ice Skating

Go to an ice skating rink with your friends or family, or even teach your kids how to skate! One of the best parts of winter is that you can find many outdoor rinks available, which allows you to admire decorations and have fun out in the fresh air. If it's cold enough, you could even try building your own backyard ice rink!

6. Sit Around the Cozy Fire

Gather up your family, put down the smartphones, shut off the television and just enjoy each other's company while sitting around the cozy fireplace. Make some s'mores, tell some scary stories, play some board games, or even share some o your favorite family memories. The quality time together is truly priceless!

7. Go on a Winter Hike

Take the opportunity to go on a winter hike in a park or in the woods. Go with a friend or family member and simply enjoy the beautiful scenery that winter can bring. Bring your camera to take some lovely, snow photographs. Bring your kids and create a fun scavenger hunt. See how many interesting items you can find and collect them to make a nature collage. Or, take a break from the treadmill at the gym and get your exercise in outdoors!

8. Go Skiing or Snow Tubing


You don't have to be a professional to hit the slopes. Start small! Take some skiing lessons from a professional instructor, or if you already know how to ski, teach your kids or participate in it yourself! If skiing is a little too adventurous for you or your family, opt for a super fun alternative: snow tubing! You won't regret it!

9. Bake Cookies

With the holidays right around the corner, who isn't in the spirit for some freshly baked cookies? Host a little cookie competition with your family, or start a cookie exchange including your friends, family, and neighbors!

10. Make Snow Angels

Just like building a snowman, making snow angels is a right of passage for all children and families to do. There's nothing like laying in the freshly fallen snow and coming up with new and creative creatures together. While you're at it, perhaps start a little snowball fight too!

11. Go Snowboarding!

There's nothing more invigorating than catching some air on the slopes! Gather your friends and family and try your hand at snowboarding. Take some beginner lessons and enjoy the ride! Of course, always remember your proper safety tips and equipment! 

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can do with your family or friends this season. Winter can be a bit of a challenge to navigate through, but it doesn't have to be! Each season brings its own natural beauty, and wintertime is no different! If you're feeling the winter blues, go ahead and try one of these activities to boost your mood! 

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