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Back to School - Last Minute Items Your Child(ren) Will Need!

Back to School - Last Minute Items Your Child(ren) Will Need!

It's that time of year again! Sadly, summer vacation is coming to an end, which can only mean one thing: back to school shopping is in full force. Parents can be found hovering over the bins in Wal-Mart holding their children's school supply list, trying to understand the differences between a 3-pronged poly folder and a 3-pronged plastic folder. They scan through the enormously long list of seemingly endless supplies, and are left feeling exhausted, but prepared. 

It seems as if every item you could possibly think of would be on a child's supply list - pencils, paper, notebooks, binders, folders, glue sticks, and so on. But, what about the less common items, the items that are easy to forget and overlooked? Here at Mountainside Medical, we want your children to be fully prepared in every way possible, and have compiled this list of some last minute supplies to ensure a great start to the new school year!

1. Hand Sanitizer

The amount of germs that spread through schools, daycare facilities, and work places is outstanding. Protect your child from any nasty germs that might be brought home and supply them with a small, pocket sized hand sanitizer such as, GermX or Purell. Over 99% effective at killing germs instantly, you will want to be sure that your child uses a hand sanitizer throughout the day! And, don't worry about size  - there are many hand sanitizers out there that are specifically made to clip on to backpacks, or store inside their desks. 

2. Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Do you want to still protect your child from viruses such as pink eye, influenza, strep throat, etc., but don't want to worry about having a hand sanitizer leak all over their brand new backpack or new pair of jeans? We have the perfect solution for that. Hand sanitizing wipes, such as Wet Ones, Lysol, or Clorox, are all antibacterial hand wipes that are quick, convenient, and easy to use without making a mess. These wipes have been clinically proven to be as effective as gel sanitizers and alcohol based cleaners, without the sticky residue. The kill 99.99% of germs fast, also come in pocket sized packets, and are a great substitute when soap and water aren't available!

3. Surface Disinfectant

Yes, we are still talking about those germs! Just as it's extremely important to keep your hands clean, it's also equally important to keep your surface area clean. We know that desks can be quickly become messy with papers, ink marks from pens, pencil shavings, food stains, and more. In this case, that's where surface disinfectants come into play! We offer various brands of disinfectant sprays and wipes that are safe, resealable, and disposable!

4. Tissues

More than likely, this item is probably on your supply list, but just in case, be sure to have some tissues on hand! Four packs usually are on the list, and for good reason. With germs, spills, miscellaneous clean-ups, it's no wonder why tissues are at the top of every elementary school list! Keep your child prepped for any and all ah-choo moments! 

5. A Small First Aid Kit

Yes, there is the school nurse and I'm sure the teacher is fully prepared, but it still doesn't hurt to have your child carry a small, travel size first aid kit. Stocked with Band-Aids, cleansing wipes, gauze, and more, our 12 essential item kit from Johnson & Johnson is a convenient and portable mini first aid kit filled with the necessary items for minor medical needs. This kit is a durable plastic case, and can easily fit into pockets, backpacks, gym bags, purses, and more. Life leaves unexpected scars. Be prepared for quick and easy treatment of minor cuts and scrapes!

6. Sports Ankle Wrap

If your child or teen plays sports, you may want to include an ankle wrap along with the rest of their sports gear. Our Donjoy Sports Ankle Wrap is uniquely designed to support the ankle to prevent injuries. This ankle wrap features an easy to use, wrap around design, with opposing attachment points. That makes it easier to allow your child or teen to make individual adjustments as needed. Our sports ankle wrap features customized and excellent support and compression, comes in left or right styles, and one size fits most. Ensure their safety while at practices or games!

  7. Allergy/Asthma Medication

This may not be needed on everyone's list, but for those parents who have children suffering from seasonal allergies or asthma, don't forget to pack their necessary medication with them! Classrooms and playgrounds can sometimes be easy triggers for allergy flare ups and asthma attacks

 8. Breath Mints

These would be more applicable to middle school or high school students, but little pocket packs of breath mints or strips are always good for that after lunch, fresh breath feeling! Have a presentation coming up? No worries. There are a variety of options of cool breath mints that not only freshen your breath, but the peppermint helps calms nerves!

9. Deodorant

Gym class in the morning can be a little bit of a drag, especially during fitness week! Be sure to wipe away the sweat and pack a pocket sized deodorant in that backpack!  

In addition to all of the various, usual school supplies, these items can be beneficial to your child too, no matter how old they are. Keeping your child healthy with proper hygiene is key to a successful school year!

All of these products are available for purchase through our website - or feel free to call 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives! Don't forget to subscribe to our email newsletters for the latest coupons and savings!

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