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Compression Bandages

Compression bandages serve a variety of conditions including lymphedema and venous ulcers. Mountainside Medical Equipment carries a large supply of stretchy, conforming compression bandages, including: unna boot dressings, high compression bandages and multiple layer compression bandage systems.
Elastic bandages exert gentle, even pressure on a body part. By supporting blood vessels, these rolled bandages promote venous return and prevent pooling of blood that can lead to thrombophlebitis and pulmonary embolism.  Elastic bandages are used postoperatively, on bedridden patients, to minimize joint swelling after trauma, to secure a splint, or to immobilize a fracture. They also can provide hemostatic pressure and anchor dressings after surgical procedures such as vein stripping.
Complications of Elastic bandages
Check distal circulation once or twice every 8 hours and assess the skin underneath.
Too Tight If the elastic bandage is too constricting, arterial obstruction can occur. This can cause a decreased or an absent distal pulse, blanching or bluish discoloration of the skin, dusky nail beds, numbness and tingling or pain and cramping, and cold skin. Edema is caused by obstruction of venous return. Less serious complications include allergic reaction and skin irritation.

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