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Silver Sulfadiazine Cream

Silvadene® (silver sulfadiazine cream) is a topical antimicrobial drug used as a bactericidal against gram-negative and gram-possitive bacteria. Used to prevent and treat wound sepsis on patients with second and third degree burns. Common brands include: Silvadine®, Thermazene® , Ascend®, and SSD®

How to Apply Silver Sulfadiazine
Gently cleanse and remove surface bacteria and debris from the wound base. Use sterile, normal saline. Silvadene cream (silver sulfadiazine) should be applied under sterile conditions. The burn areas should be covered with Silvadene cream 1% at all times. The cream should be applied once to twice a daily to a thickness of approximately 1/16 inch. Whenever necessary, the cream should be reapplied to any area from which to was removed. Cover dressing is not necessary, but may be used to pad the burn site and absorb any extra exudate. Reapply immediately after hydrotherapy. Treatment of Silverdene cream 1% should be used until satisfactory healing of the site has occurred, or until the burn site is ready for skin grafting.