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Holiday Health Tips

Holiday Health Tips

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you all enjoy a wonderful and blessed holiday with your family and friends! 

We want to take a few moments to review and summarize the holiday health tips that we've been writing about these last few weeks, just to remind you to share them with your family members or friends! 

Holiday Health Tips to Share With Family & Friends

Physical Health

Remember, your physical health is extremely important during these next couple weeks of busyness. Between visiting friends, relatives, neighbors, or hosting your own holiday themed parties, it can get quite exhausting - and fast! Make sure you're taking care of your physical health:

  • Rest when you need to. There's nothing wrong with taking time for yourself when needed. Make sure you are getting the proper 7-8 hours of sleep each night so that you feel rested and ready to tackle the days ahead. If you find yourself tired during the day and feel a crash coming on, don't try to power through it. Listen to your body and take a breather - whether that's a nap, or just a few moments of peace and quiet, you're body communicates with you, so listen to it. 
  • Healthy eating is still key. Sure, it's okay to indulge a bit during the holiday season. In fact, it's quite normal. With the wide arrays of Christmas cookies, pies, and other scrumptious desserts, it's almost impossible to not delight in the delicacies. Just remember to not overdo it. Too much sugar can lead to a "sugar high", which can quickly cause fatigue. Be sure to find the proper balance between getting enough fruits and veggies, while still enjoying those desserts!
  • Sanitize! Whether you're traveling or not over the holidays, germs are everywhere. We are well into the cold and flu season, so it is imperative to protect yourself and keep those hands clean
  • Exercise. Be sure to make some time for exercising over the holidays. It doesn't have to be rigorous, but physical activity is important - especially if you plan to do a lot of eating! Find some fun family activities and get them involved too!
  • Fall & injury preventionWinter weather can bring all different types of hazardous conditions, whether you're on the road or simply walking down your driveway. Be sure to watch for black ice and try to avoid untreated surfaces if you're area is gifted with a white Christmas. Help friends and relatives shovel, snow plow, or ice their driveways and sidewalks for them. Use precaution when driving as well, and if you're participating in a winter related sport, be sure to have the proper equipment to do so safely. 

Mental Health


Though the holidays can be a fun and joyous time of celebration, they can also bring feelings of stress and anxiety. Be sure to take some time to care for your mental wellbeing. Feeling drained during or after the holidays is more common than people think. Here's some ways to mentally recharge your batteries over these next couple of weeks!

  • Rest: Just as your body needs rest, so does your mind. Give yourself a mental break by shutting off your brain for a bit and letting go of your worries. Listen to some music, read a book, watch your favorite Christmas movie, do anything that doesn't require a lot of your mental energy.
  • Schedule "Me Time": Between baking, cooking, wrapping presents, Christmas mass, visiting, etc., it seems as if the to-do list is never ending. Make sure to schedule some time specifically for you over the holidays. Do small, nice, little things for yourself. Go for a massage, a spa day, pamper yourself. You'll be surprised how much better you feel after taking some time to unwind.
  • Disconnect: Take some time off of social media. We know it's tempting to look at those perfect holiday photos from your friends, but it's not always healthy. Social media is known for making people have FOMO - or the Fear of Missing Out - which can cause unnecessary stress and angst. Do yourself a favor and stay off of media during the holidays. After all, isn't being surrounded by your loved ones more important?
  • Laugh: They say laughter is the best medicine, and they're not wrong. Finding humor in any situation is the key to living a more positive and productive lifestyle. Don't take things so seriously. Don't take yourself so seriously. Learn to laugh at the little, unexpected mishaps that happen, instead of dwelling on perfection, or holding yourself and your holiday to unachievable expectations.  

If you still find yourself mentally struggling, don't hesitate to seek out help from a medical professional. The holiday blues are a real condition, as well as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Always seek the care of a doctor or healthcare provider if you're finding it difficult to cope this holiday season. 

From all of us here at Mountainside Medical Equipment, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, safe, and happy New Year ahead!

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