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Perineal Care

Perineal Care. More than 76% of people with incontinence who wear adult diapers, briefs or disposable underwear suffer from some type of perineal skin related issue caused by moisture irritation. The use of advanced incontinence skin care products, like perineal skin cleansers, washes, moisturizers and barriers can help reduce this problem keeping the skin healthier and more comfortable. Perineal dermatitis involves the irritation and breakdown of the skin as a result of over-exposure to moisture and chemicals in urine and feces. Another risk associated with incontinence is bacterial growth and infection. Incontinence allows the skin's surface to come in contact with bacteria from waste products.
Perineal cleaning, which includes care of the external genitalia and the anal area, should be performed during the daily bath and, if necessary, at bedtime and after urination bowel movements. The procedure promotes cleanliness and prevents infection. It also removes irritating and odorous secretions, such as smegma, a cheese-like substance that collects under the foreskin of the penis and on the inner surface of the libia. For patients with perneal skin breakdown, frequent bathing followed by application of petroleum jelly, zinc oxide cream, or vitamin A and D ointment aids healing.