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B Braun Prontosan Wound Irrigation & Gel

BBRAUN 400441

$ 219.00 $ 269.80

B Braun Prontosan Wound Irrigation & Gel is designed to remove dirt and debris from chronic wounds, skin ulcers and abrasions, even in the most difficult areas. Prontosan and the gel, made with PHMB (Polyhexanide) which prevent the onset of microorganisms within the product, are clear and odorless solutions that allow you to throughouly moisten and cleanse a wound for optimum preparation.


B Braun Prontosan Wound Irrigation & Gel Features:

  • Ideal for either direct application or saturating swabs to clean wounds or burns
  • Made to inhibit microorganism growth within the product
  • Clear and odorless
  • Shelf life of 28 days after opening; no refrigeration needed
  • Containers are DEHP, PVC, and natural rubber latex free


Choose from 3 options:

  • Wound Irrigation Solution, 350mL Bottle, 10 per case
  • Wound Gel, 30mL Bottle, 20 per case
  • Wound Irrigation Solution, 40mL Ampule, 120 per case


Why is it important to clean a wound?

A wound is identified as a break in the skin – the body’s protective layer against the environment. Keeping a wound clean is important because if you don’t, it can get infected and become a more serious concern than when it started. Not only should a wound be cleaned initially – especially if there are obvious signs of dirt or debris in the wound, or if it was a human/animal bit and there is a chance of foreign saliva being in there – but it should also be kept clean and protected from the elements. Use a bandage of some kind to protect it, and wash it out daily until it heals.

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