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Diabet-X Callus Treatment Cream 4.2 oz tube


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Diabet-X Callus Treatment Cream is specifically designed for those with diabetes and is made to soothe, soften and heal calluses on the feet, heels, fingers and elbows. This diabetic cream is made with urea, Vitamins A & E, Allantoin, Potassium Hydroxide, Aloe Vera, and antibacterial Triclosan.



  1. Specifically designed for people with diabetes
  2. Gently softens, soothes, heals and eliminates calluses on the feet, heels, finger and elbows


Diabet-X Callus Treatment Features:

  1. Deep moisturizing formula
  2. Does not dissolve skin tissue
  3. Antibacterial
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. Soothes, softens and heals skin
  6. 4.2 ounce tube


Active ingredients:

  1. Urea
  2. Vitamins A & E
  3. Potassium Hydroxide
  4. Aloe Vera
  5. Allantoin
  6. Triclosan




Apply to freshly cleansed skin - especially effective when used with a pumice stone

  1. Administer a small amount of Diabet-X Callus Treatment cream to the affected area
  2. Massage in gently until completely absorbed
  3. Use as often as needed until skin has softened and healed

Diabet-X is a skin therapy treatment that not only soothes and heals the skin, but also prevents against infection. Specifically designed for diabetics, this callus cream is enhanced with vitamins and nutrients that provide the skin with everything it needs to retain moisture and heal effectively. Urea helps bind moisture to the skin, while Vitamis A & E provide anti-inflammatory relief and moisture. Potassium Hydroxide softens callused skin, Aloe Vera soothes and heals, Allantoin provides enhanced moisture and promotes healing while Triclosan prevents bacterial infections. Simply massage into to freshly cleansed skin as often as needed until the area is softened and healed.

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