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Moldex 1500 Series N95 Surgical Particulate Respirator Mask 20/Box

by Moldex
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Moldex N95 Respirator Mask is a healthcare particulate mask designed for respiratory protection. Made with a soft-spun inner lining, soft foam nose cushion and adjustable blue straps. Dura-Mesh outer shell that resists fluids, collapse free and is latex and PVC free. 20 masks per box. 3 color coded sizes available.


    • 95 percent bacteria efficency or greater
    • Comfortable, contour molded fit
    • Fluid resistant (160 mm Hg)
    • Certified by NIOSH


      Manufacture: Moldex

      Product number(s): 1511, 1512, 1513

      Dimensions: 5 x 9.5 x 5 inches

      Box Weight: 0.80 pounds

      Made in USA



      1. Bacterial Filter Effacy >99.9%.
      2. NIOSH certified filter efficiency of 95% or greater against non-oil based particulates.
      3. Meets CDC guidelines for TB exposure control.


      Sizes Available:

      1. Small: 1511
      2. Medium: 1512
      3. Large: 1513

      **Price may vary depending on size chosen


      Each Moldex face mask is specially designed to be harsh on infectious particles, and gentile on your face. Very comfortable to wear, these surgical/particulate respirator masks will resist collapsing in regular use - even under hot/humid conditions - and feature a soft foam molded nose cushion for an easy, comfortable fit and a Softspun inner lining that is gentile on the face. The entire unit has a bacterial filter efficiency of greater than 99.9%, and boasts the highest ASTM level of fluid resistance on the market (160 mm Hg)

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