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60 cc Piston Syringe with 500 cc Container and Basin


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Kendall Kangaroo 60 cc Piston Syringe is an enteral feeding irrigation kit. This non-sterile enteral kit includes a smooth-operating 60cc piston syringe, as well as a basin and a 500cc container.

Keeping a patient’s feeding tube clean and clear of clogs is an important part of enteral patient care, which is why having an effective irrigation kit is so important. This Kendall brand irrigation kit features a syringe that is specially made for this purpose. It is a specialized syringe that doesn't have a needle that might puncture your equipment, or the patient's tubing, and the smooth-operating piston-style of the syringe makes caring for your patient’s feeding tube a breeze. 

Enteral Kit Features:

  • Includes a luer adapter to ensure proper attachment to enteral feeding and irrigation systems
  • 60cc Piston Syringe
  • 500cc Container
  • Basin included
  • Non-sterile

Brand: Kendall Coviden

Product number: 700108

60 cc Piston Syringe with 500 cc Container and Basin Tags

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