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ADC Replacement Blood Pressure Aneroid Gauges

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Replacement Blood Pressure Aneroid Gauges are designed to be easily replaced onto your existing Diagnostix and Prosphyg blood pressure units, if needed. These high-quality manometers are durable, accurate to a fault and are made to be easily read. Choose from the pocket, palm or larger clock faced designs.


Replacement Blood Pressure Aneroid Gauges Features:

  • Pocket, palm or clock face design
  • 300mmHg no-pin stop movements accurate to within +/-3mmHg
  • Individually tested to conform to ANSI AP10 standards
  • All gauges are individually boxed
  • Prosphyg models with 10 or 20 year calibration warranty
  • Diagnostix models with lifetime calibration warranty
  • Diagnostix pocket models with white scale on contrasting black face for improved visibility
  • Extended graduation marks help eliminate reading errors at any angle
  • Chrome-plated #800 series with luminescent dial
  • Diagnostix palm aneroid incorporates double wall, high impact ABS housing, ambidextrous infinite control air valve, and German precision crafted movement
  • Diagnostix clock aneroid features 6 inch luminescent dial for enhanced visibility in any light condition


Gauge Guide:

Order # Product
800 Gauge for 700, 778 Series
802 Gauge for 720, 728 series
804 Gauge for 703, 705, 731, 732, 740, 788 series
805 Clock Face Gauge for 750 series
808CN Gauge for6005 series
808N Gauge for760, 768 series
809N Gauge for770, 775, 780, 785, 790 series

**prices vary depending on product chosen


What is parallax error?

It is important to give your patient the most accurate blood pressure reading posssible. You can do this by not only choosing a high-quality blood pressure unit that you are comfortable handling, but also by acquiring one that is designed to reduce parallax error. Parallax error is when the reading on a dial varies depending on the position of the observer. ADC’s manometers are made with extended graduation marks and easy-to-read dials in an effort to enhance visibility in any light condition or angle, so that you can give a spot on reading every time.

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