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ADC Inflation Bulb and Valve Combinations

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ADC Inflation Bulb and Valves made for repetitive use, are durable and designed to fit most types of blood pressure units. Equipped with the corresponding end valve, these bulbs are latex free models, as well as a hospital 10 pack.

BP Bulb and Valve Features:

    • Latex-free
    • For use with most aneroid or mercurial BP instruments
    • End valve included
    • Individually boxed
    • Call for Hospital Multi-Packs

      What do I look for in taking my own blood pressure?

      There are several different factors that contribute to high blood pressure. They include, smoking, caffeine intake, weight, alcohol, smoking, and certain types of medications. These are things to consider when taking your own blood pressure. Make sure that your pulse is at its resting rate and that none of the above factors are going to abnormally increase the measurement.

      Manual monitors can look more complicated than they actually are to use. Secure the cuff around the right arm, hold the gauge in your left hand and pump the bulb with your right hand. Be sure to tighten the valve before inflating the cuff. Pump the inflation bulb until the dial reads about 30 points above what your systolic pressure usually reads and then begin to slowly and continuously deflate the cuff. Your systolic is the number that reads on the gauge the second you hear your pulse beat. The diastolic is the number the gauge reads when the sound disappears. Record this number and repeat as necessary. It is good to take this measurement at about the same time of day each time you take it. Compare your results with your doctor so that you can effectively control your blood pressure for a healthy lifestyle.

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