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ADC Y Aneroid Test Kit


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ADC “Y” Aneroid Test Kit is designed to let you know how accurate your current aneroid blood pressure systems are, so you can keep them up-to-date and in working order. Complete with Y tubing, inflation bulb, valve and a variety of connectors, this kit will let you know whether or not your aneroid is working properly.


Test Kit Features:


  • Ideal for testing the accuracy of aneroids or mercury sphygs against unit of known accuracy
  • Y tubing
  • Inflation bulb
  • Valve
  • Various connectors
  • Latex construction


Mercury vs. Aneroid: Which should I choose for my facility?

One of the biggest concerns surrounding the aneroid sphygmomanometer is accuracy. Are they always as accurate as the mercury sphyg? If properly maintained and calibrated, yes, they can be. If there is a difference in reading it is minute. One drawback to the aneroid can be more easily damaged – especially in a fast-paced, or on-the-go healthcare facility - and therefore exude skewed results. Because of the fear of a mercury spill, the mercury blood pressure unit is housed in a sturdier, more ridged device. However, the aneroid can be treated the same way. There are gauge guards that one can buy to protect the manometer, as well as wall mounts for it, and, as shown above, test kits so that you can know when your blood pressure system needs maintenance. Also, the mobile aneroid units will be structured much the same way as a mercury sphyg in terms of durable structure and larger faces for more clear readability. In essence, either one will need some type of maintenance, and will have their own risks associated with them. You just need to figure out which style is right for your office.

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