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Adscope 641 Sprague Stethoscopes in New Colors


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The Adoscope 641 Sprague Stethoscope is a stylish stethoscope that comes in a variety of bright colors so you can look good while listening to your patient’s heart, lungs and other internal organs. This stethoscope features a threaded chest piece of chrome plated zinc that allows the use of five interchangeable chest piece fittings. An accessory pouch containing the bell chestpieces, chestpiece key, 2 spare diaphragms, a pair of mushroom eartips and one pair of silicon eartips is also included.

Adscope 641 Sprague Stethoscope Features:

  • 5 interchangeable chestpiece fittings
  • Adult and pediatric diaphragm and 3 bells (1 ¼”, 1”, ¾”)
  • Proprietary valve mechanism eliminates acoustic leakage
  • Adjustable chrome-plated brass binaural
  • 22” tubing length
  • Accessory pouch included
  • Weighs 7 oz
  • Available in variety of colors
  • Latex free, double tube configuration  

Adscope 641 Includes:

  • Bell chestpieces
  • Chestpiece key
  • 2 spare diaphragms
  • 1 pair of mushroom ear tips
  • 1 pair of silicon ear tips    

Durable, versatile and convenient stethoscope that comes in a variety of bright colors! The Adscope 641 Sprague Stethoscope is both versatile and convenient with its double tube configuration that allows for excellent acoustics. Doctors, nurses and patients will all enjoy the bright, stylish look this stethoscope has to offer, along with its outstanding performance when examining patients.

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