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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit

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The Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit is a comprehensive selection of injury simulations used to create disaster drills. This kit comes complete with 95 items used to create realistic injuries.


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Perfect for creating a myriad of medical emergency situations, this casualty simulation kit provides you with everything you need to  train emergency medical personnel for the field. Each kit comes complete with limb amputations, body burns, blood, fractures and more for emergency simulations so life-like that it was once used by the U.S. Army to train medical corpsmen. Use a medical training kit that is so realistic and comprehensive that you will be more than prepared when the time comes to care for an actual patient.


Used to create injury simulations for disaster drills to train medical professionals in emergency situations


Includes the original set created by the U.S. Army to train medical corpsmen

Casualty Simulation Kit Includes:

  • 1 Jaw wound
  • 1 Abdominal wound
  • 1 Chest wound
  • 36 Assorted lacerations/wounds
  • 2 Fractures of femur
  • 1 Laceration of forehead
  • 1 Leg amputation
  • 2 Fractures of tibia
  • 2 Gunshot wounds
  • 1 Phosphorous burn of hand
  • 1 Burn of forearm
  • 1 Burn of chest
  • 1 Burn of face
  • 1 Burn of back
  • 1 Face in shock
  • 1 Burn of hand
  • 2 Simulation wax 8oz
  • 3 Bottles makeup blood
  • 5 Pks powder blood
  • 2 Each grease paint, 4 colors
  • 2 Pks broken plexiglass
  • 2 Fractures of humerus

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