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Allevyn Heel Wound Dressings (5 Pack)

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Allevyn heel wound dressing is designed to provide a moist wound environment, which is beneficial for wound healing. The dressings consist of a foam pad that is coated with a hydrocolloid adhesive. The adhesive helps to keep the dressing in place and also absorbs exudate from the wound. The foam pad helps to cushion the heel and protect the wound from further damage.

Benefits for Smith and Nephew Allevyn Heel Wound Dressings

  • Promotes natural healing: Allevyn Heel wound dressings are breathable and enable excess moisture to escape. This, along with a conformable, non-adherent contact layer, encourages an environment conducive to natural healing.
  • Versatile: The dressings can be used for a wide range of heel and general foot wounds.
  • Absorbent core: An extra-absorbent core design helps to protect and lock away exudate away from the wound area.
  • Secure hold: The dressings provide a secure and comfortable fit without the need for ties or straps, ensuring the pads stays in place throughout wear time.
  • Easy to apply: Allevyn Heel wound dressings feature a secure, peel and stick adhesive technology making them easier to get into place.
  • Cost effectiveness: Through innovative design, the dressings enable longer-term use, helping to minimize dressing changes and product wastage.

Allevyn Heel Dressings from Smith and Nephew is an easy to use wound care dressing that can be used to treat a variety of wound types. The wound dressing is suitable for heels, toes, elbows or any other highly bony region. It incorporates triple action technology that helps provide an effective surrounding to the wound by providing sustained interaction between the dressing, exudate and the wound bed to allow healing in an effective and efficient way. Its damage-free adhesive construction hurts less along the skin quickly adhers Commercial Program Administrator Professional Bank herring to the wound site while avoiding trauma upon removal. It protects, insulates, absorbs, is comfortable shipping up to its label claim of “Allevyn Heel Dressings” secure fit, and helps preventing exposing with moisture and infection whilst promoting healing. Allevyn Heel Dressing’s extended wear ability with up to 7 days wear-time makes it an easier option for busy healthcare professionals to monitor wounds for longer time and also reduces dressing cladding changes. Its 3 layer construction-an absorbent core between two highly breathable wound contact-layers facilitates maintain of its effective moisture balance contact. This makes it a perfect choice for considering in heel wound dressing.

Instructions on How to Use Smith and Nephew Allevyn Heel Wound Dressings
1. Remove previous dressing (if present).
2. Clean and prepare wound according to instructions given by the physician or healthcare provider.
3. Place the dressing over the wound, equal distance from each side. The dressing should cover the wound bed.
4. Use the enclosed adhesive tabs to adhere the dressing firmly onto surrounding skin.
5. Secure the dressing onto the foot using self-adhesive cloth tape to allow for desired foot protection and cover any exposed areas.
6. Remove the dressing according to the instructions given by the physician or healthcare provider. In most cases, the dressing should stay in place up to seven days.
7. Replace the dressing as needed but do not exceed seven days without dressing replacement.
8. Keep and observe the wound at frequent intervals and report any changes to the physician or healthcare provider immediately.

Allevyn Heel Dressing is a soft, non-adhesive foam pad dressing that has a unique cup-shape design that contours to the heel used to absorb exudate (wound fluid) from an existing pressure ulcer sore. Allevyn Heel promotes early healing due to moist wound environment and a special hydrocellular pad technology that consists of three main layers first is the wound contact layer that allows the exudate to pass thru it. The second part is called the hydrocellular core, which holds the exudate in a microscopic structure, and the last part is the breathable outer shell that allows the exudate to evaporate away from the dressing. In-vitro studies and clinical experience, both Allevyn Heel dressings can stay in place for up to seven days, depending on the amount of exudate.


  • Sterile
  • Last up to 7 days
  • Cup-like shape
  • Absorbent pad foam for moderate exudate
  • Non Adhesive material
  • 5 Heel dressings per box

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