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Aspen Transitional 172 Cervical Collar

DJO 79-83272

$ 68.00 $ 119.80

Aspen Transitional 172 Cervical Colla is an adjustable two-piece padded polyethylene collar. Designed to restrict cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation to promote patient recovery. Specially made to prevent skin irritation, this cervical collar also features a large trachea opening, removable foam laminated pads, and it is X-Ray, CT and MRI friendly.



  1. Uniquely contoured around the shoulder to stabilize the neck
  2. Mandible areas to increase stability & comfort
  3. Removable foam laminated pads
  4. Front/back flex tabs
  5. Large trachea opening
  6. X-Ray, CT and MRI friendly
  7. Available in adult and child sizes.
  8. Latex free



Indications of Use:

  1. Cervical spine precaution for trauma patients
  2. Immobilization for pre/post cervical spine surgery
  3. Degenerative disorders
  4. Spinal Stenosis
  5. Spondylolisthesis­­­



  1. Support neck sprains
  2. Decreases anti-inflammatory medications
  3. Decreases pain symptoms
  4. Improves neck function
  5. Improves quality of life


The Aspen Transitional 172 Cervical Collar is designed to provide improved rigidity, durability and enhanced features for superior patient care. Contoured around the shoulders to comfortably stabilize the neck, the Aspen Cervical Collar also features a large trachea opening for easy pulse monitoring and emergency tracheotomies. In addition, this cervical collar is X-Ray, CT and MRI friendly.

Available in adult, child and infant sizes, the Aspen Collar has removable foam laminated pads designed to wick moisture away and help ensure proper patient hygiene, comfort and prevent skin irritation. For superior safety, comfort and convince, choose the Procare Aspen Cervical Collar.


Brand:  Procare


Aspen Cervical Collar Size Chart

Part Number:
Neck Circ. 
79-83363 Adult Short-Collar set 2.25" 13"-22"
79-83365 Adult Regular- Collar set 3.0" 13"-22"
79-83367 Adult Tall- Collar set 3.75" 13"-22"
79-83368 Adult XTall- Collar set 4.5" 13"-22"
79-83283 Adult Short 2.25" 13"-22"
79-83285 Adult Regular 3" 13"-22"
79-83287 Adult Tall 3.75" 13"-22"
79-83288 Adult XTall 4.5" 13"-22"
79-83272 Infant Short 1-18 months 8"-12"
79-83273 Infant Regular 9-24 months 11"-13"
79-83275 Child Tot 1-3 years 11.5"-14"
79-83277 Child Short 2-5 years 12"-14.5"
79-83278 Child Regular 3-6 years 13"-16"

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