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Bag Balm 8 oz Tin Jar


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Bag Balm has been around for over 100 years and is still working hard on providing you and your animals soothing relief from chapped skin conditions and superficial abrasions. Originally designed to keep cows' udders protected from chapping, this product has evolved over the years and found itself on the shelves of veterinary offices, drug stores, and even cycling shops for saddle sore relief. Made with lanolin, a natural moisturizer, this salve is great for soothing and healing the dry, cracked skin of you and your pets alike.



  • Great for chapped conditions and superficial abrasions
  • Petrolatum, lanolin and an antiseptic, 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate
  • 8 oz jar


Bag Balm is a favorite among pets and humans for over 100 years!

Bag Balm has an amazing history. It began in 1899 after John L. Norris began selling it as a salve to soften cows' udders. Over the years, it has also proven effective in relieving the dry paws of dogs, as well. It was even widely used at Ground Zero on the paws of dogs that were used to search the rubble for survivors. Even though it is marketed for use on animals by its family-owned company in Vermont, many humans have enjoyed its benefits, as well. This protective ointment has been used by our solders that are abroad, on trips to the bitter cold parts of the world, and to relieve saddle sores on horseback riders and cyclists alike. It has a mild medicated odor and soothes and heals as it relieves dry, cracked, itchy skin conditions whether they’re a result of the cold weather, or a condition such as psoriasis.


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