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Bardex Infection Control Foley Catheter with Silver Coating


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The Bardex Infection Control Foley Catheter is designed to reduce urinary tract infections associated with catheter use. Complete with a 5cc balloon, this 2-way latex catheter is coated with Bard’s Bacti-Guard silver alloy coating to fight bacteria adherence, as well as Bard's Hydrogel coating for reducing friction and irritation for smooth, easy insertion.

    • Reduces catheter-associated urinary tract infections
    • Bacti-Guard silver alloy coating
    • 2-way latex catheter
    • 5cc balloon
    • Single-use
    • Sterile
    • Available in 6 French sizes

      How are Bardex Foley I.C. Catheters unique?

      Research has shown that patients are 3.7 times more likely to get a catheter-caused infection with standard catheters. Not only are Bardex Infection Control Foley Catheter specifically designed to fight bacteria and prevent urinary tract infections in patients, they are also structurally superior to the competition. They are made with a hydrogel coating and a smooth tip for easy insertion, in order to prevent trauma to the urethra upon insertion and removal.

      The Bardex I.C. catheter also has superior balloon strength. They feature a high-quality ribbed balloon for symmetrical inflation and proper positioning of the catheter tip. The eye of this catheter is large and smooth for optimal drainage and it is extra strong and flexible to prevent kinks and leaks as it easily conforms to your patient's anatomy.

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