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Basic Casualty Simulation Kit


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Basic Casualty Simulation Kit by Simulaids is a 19-piece kit used to educate students on different techniques in caring for an injured patient. All parts are latex free, reusable and refillable.

 Great for the enthusiastic instructor who wants to make the course more realistic and hands-on, this casualty simulation kit will easily get you started in making several different "victims" for your students to learn to treat. Everything is latex free, the wounds are re-usable and refillable, and students can practice bandaging and splinting techniques that will be useful in the field. Help make your course more hands-on and memorable to your students with the basic casualty simulation kit.


Casualty Simulation Kit Includes:

  •  1 Compound fracture (w/pump assembled)
  • 1 Bottle coagulant makeup blood
  • 1 Pkg blood powder (makes 1 gal. simulated blood)
  • 12 Assorted lacerations and open fractures
  • 1 Casualty simulation wax 8oz
  • 1 Pkg broken plexiglass (simulates glass in wound)
  • 1 Each grease paint (white, blue, brown, red)
  • 1 Bottle adhesive


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