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BD SmartSite Needle-Free Connector 2000E

by BD
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SKU 915578

The BD 2000E SmartSite connector pairs with the Texium™ closed male luer to form a leak-free closed system drug transfer device (CSTD) to deliver hazardous drugs.

Manufacturer #2000E
Brand: Smartsite®
Manufacturer: BD
Application: Needleless Connector
For Use With: IV Therapy Administration
Type: Negative Displacement

  • The flat, smooth surface lets

    The BD SmartSite Needle-Free Connector 2000E provides fast and secure connection, allowing for efficient and safe clinical practice. With its patented design, this high-quality connector features a secure and reliable fit for optimal performance.

    you easily swab and disinfect every access point
  • The straight-through, non-tortuous fluid path reduces the risk of hemolysis
  • The needle-free design reduces needlestick injuries
  • A passive system, the valve supports compliance while eliminating the need for caps and cannulas
  • The valve features high chemical compatibility and lipid resistance, enabling it to accommodate a wide variety of drugs
  • Metal-free manufacturing enables the valve to be used in MRI
  • DEHP-free manufacturing supports neonates, pediatrics and adults

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