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BD Veritor Rapid Detection of RSV Testing Kit 30/Box

by BD
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BD Veritor Rapid Detection RSV Testing Kit effectively identifies the existence of respiratory syncytial virus in patents up to age 20. Designed for professional or laboratory use, this chromatographic immunoassay detects the RSV fusion protein from nasopharyngeal wash, aspirate, and swab samples.
The BD Veritor™ System for Rapid Detection of RSV is an easy to use, rapid test kit from BD. This test kit enables rapid detection of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in as little as 15 minutes without any sample preparation or Requires a medium reaction device. The BD Veritor Rapid Detection of RSV Test Kit is developed for professional use only and provides high accuracy of sample detection, enabling medical professionals quick and accurate diagnosis of RSV enabling increased efficiency. This test requires minimal technological abilities and ensures reliable results. Not only has this product foolproof accuracy but it is also equipped with user-directed digital technology specifically designed to support accurate performance and workflow of Clinicians for proper disease testing.

Benefits for BD Veritor System for  Rapid Detection of RSV Testing Kit

  • High sensitivity and specificity—BD Veritor™ System for Rapid Detection of RSV has a sensitivity of 90.6%, a specificity of 98.9%, and a negative and positive predictive value of 99.7% and 95.7%, respectively, and reliably detects the RSV gene.
  • Quick response time—with results of the detection is ready within minutes, impelling results can be utilized in patient care decisions sooner than other options.
  • Easy to use streamlined procedures—the detection process is simple and easy to use. Therefore, anyone with minimal experience can use it quickly and accurately.
  • Automated result reporting—BD Veritor System automatically records and transmits results to sequenced records, accessible and editable on either a transceiver or computer.
  • Medical cost-effectiveness—BD Veritor System for Rapid Detection of RSV saves medical costs with its inexpensive materials and intensive level of detection, needing fewer staffing and coordination efforts compared to other diagnostic systems.
  • Assured safety—testing utilizes single-use carts with maintained sterility throughout the whole detection process.
  • Portability and reliability of test results—the BD cell culture system is integrated into a larger case which enables portability avoiding damages or product lose. It also includes recording capabilities allowing a reliable follow up of test results.

Instructions on How to Use Veritor Rapid Detection of RSV Testing Kit
1. Gather all items necessary for the test: specimen collection device (wingsplit swab or nasal allooptrax swab); RSV sample extension; specimen collection device; RSV Collection Italicized assay buffer; and Veritor Rapid Detection of RSV Test Kit VTM swab;
2. Open the RSV Collection Italicized assay buffer at the green tab on the lid and swab evaporate any residual buffer from the bottom.
3. Connect the carrier of wing split swab with the sample extension. Transfer the swab into the collection device.
4. Collect it from the posterior 1/3rd of the nose for both nostrils by rotating it 3-4 times.Discard the swab and take out the sample extension.
5. Connect the sample extension with the VTM swab. To use the Allooptrax Nasal Swab, insert the sample extension directly into it.
6. Collect sample.
7. Break the snap-off tip at pink/white line of the swab. Collect the sample by swabbing back and forth across the forehead 3-4 times.
8. Apply 3 drops of RSV Collection italicized assay buffer onto the swab loaded with specimen and mix by gently rubbing it over the surface.
9. Allow the VTM swab tissue contact to the sample in the RSV collection buffer for 15 seconds.
10. release the swab roller back into the tube containing the Sample.
11. Unfold the card reader of the Veritor rapid detection RSV test kit.
12. While holding the tube, insert the VTM swab into the blue test channel of the card reader. Roll the swab and Release it.
13. Place the card reader into the lateral flow reader.
14. Interpret the results of the test according to the instructions given in the kit.


  • For use with the BD Veritor System Reader
  • 30 tests per box
  • Chromatographic immunoassay
  • Detects RSV fusion protein
  • For patients up to age 20
  • Use with nasopharyngeal wash, aspirate, and swab samples

Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
Item#: 256038

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