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Betadine Solution Swabstick Antiseptic Applicators 3's 50/box


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Betadine Swabsticks are a cotton rayon-tipped swabsticks saturated with Betadine solution. Made with USP 10% povidone-iodine as a topical microbicide. Used to effective remove bacteria from the skin prior to surgical procedures. Disposable, single use, non-stinging, and non-staining. 150 swabsticks per box (3 swabs per pack, 50 packs per box).

Betadine is a topical antiseptic for external use only.


Betadine Swabstick

  •  Topical microbicide
  • PVP iodine 10% solution
  • Non-stinging
  • Non-staining
  • Disposable, single-use


  • 3 swabsticks per pack
  • 50 packs per box
  • Sold by the box

Brand:  Purdue Frederick, Company
Product Number:  6908199

Betadine Swabsticks by Purdue Frederick provides a topical defense against infection that won't irritate the skin. Each swabstick is coated with a 10% PVP iodine solution that is gentile on the skin and won't stain the skin or natural fabrics.

Betadine microbicides are effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses. These antimicrobial swabs are easy to use, and are individually packaged, which make them a great asset to many different types of medical facilities.

For quality antimicrobial defense, choose Betadine swabsticks.

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