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Cando WalSlide Complete Station

FE 10-5098

$ 265.00 $ 299.95

Cando WalSlide Complete Station is to be used with resistive band and tubing.  Perfect for the physical therapy clinic, fitness center, rehab center or home gym. To use:  (1) slide the vertical snap hood to the appropriate height level, (2) open the snap, (3) insert the resistive band or tubing, (4) begin exercising.  The snap hook slides seamlessly to any height up and down the center groove of the WalSlide.


Cando WalSlide Features

  • 5 foot vertical slide with overhang
  • Attachs to wall surface
  • Easy assembly
  • Simple to use
  • Takes up little space


Brand: Fabrication Enterprises

Product number: FE 10-5098

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