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Bard Nylon Catheter Plug


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Bard Medical Catheter Plug is a protective cap to effectively stop the flow of liquid through urethral catheters and other tubes and drains. This non-sterile, nylon plug is made for single use and is available in both large and small sizes for you convenience.


  • - Ideal for occluding the drainage lumen of urethral catheters and other tubes and drains
  • - Nylon construction
  • - Single-use
  • - Non-sterile
  • - Available in large and small sizes

The Large Catheter Plug is used for occluding the drainage lumen of urethral catheters and other tubes and drains.

The Small Catheter Plug is used for occluding the irrigation lumen of 3-way Foley catheters.

What are the benefits of using a foley catheter plug?

Sometimes, when a patient is unable to control their bladder the doctor will recommend that they utilize a catheter and collection bag to help them stay clean and dry throughout the day. One of the most common catheters used is the foley catheter. This has an inflation balloon on one end to help it stay in the bladder. This catheter is attached to tubing that directs urine from the bladder into a bag that is strapped to the leg.

A catheter plug allows the patient to prevent urine leakage while the bag is taken off for changing or emptying. This plug can be especially helpful when the patient needs to shower (the bag can be cumbersome and messy when it is not securely attached to the leg). All they have to do is remove the bag and insert the catheter plug into the tubing for simple leak prevention as the patient showers and towels dry.

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Customer Reviews

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Does it's job, I use it to take a shower, that way, no cumbersome bag ...

It fit into my catheter line just fine. Great for those times that you can do without a bag... showers, ...um....adult play time, works perfect! I just have a hard time keeping track if it because of the small size.but it's the perfect size for what it needs to do.

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