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Chemstrip 9 Urine Test Strips, 100/bx

by Roche
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Roche Chemstrip 9 Parameter Urine Reagent Test Strips are a reliable and accurate way to test urine for various substances. The test strips work by detecting the presence of various substances in urine, and then providing a color reading that corresponds to that substance. This makes it a quick and easy way to test for things like glucose, ketones, and blood in urine. The test strips are also sensitive enough to detect low levels of substances, making them a great option for those who need to test for drugs or other substances.
Chemstrip 9 Urine Test Strips is a multiple parameter dipstick urine test used to measure certain constituents in the urine like ketones, pH proteins and glucose. These measurements are useful in the evaluation of urinary and metabolic disorders.

Brand: Chemstrip Urine Test Strips
Manufacture: Roche
Product Number: 417109

How to perform the urine testing process
The Urine specimen should be collected freshly in a clean container and should be tested as soon as possible (do not use centrifuge or preservatives). Fresh urine gives the best results. When the urine is exposure the daylight or the room temperatures for a long period of time the urine compounds become very unstable.

Briefly (no longer than 1 second) dip the test strip into the urine. Make sure the chemically impregnated pads on the test strip are soaked.
Draw the edge of the strip along the rim of the specimen cup to remove any excess urine.
Turn the test strip on its side and tap once on a piece of absorbent paper to remove any remaining urine.
Hold the strip close to the color blocks to the chart on the side of the vial label.
All test pads should be read at 1 minute. If leukocytes pad indicates a trace result, it should be read again at 2 minutes.

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Paul F.

Chemstrip 9 Urine Test Strips, 100/bx

Linda H.

It is a good quality product, the price is very reasonable , I will purchase from your website again. Just one problem, it took longer time as I thought to receive the order.